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Corporate Wellness Programmes and Medicals.

The Coverley Medical Centre prides itself on its high level of service and the many conveniences offered to our clients. One such convenience is extending credit to approved corporate clients. To apply for this service the Credit Application Form must be completed in full and submitted with a copy of incorporation documents to our offices . (To download the credit application form please click here)

The Health and Safety Act was proclaimed on January 1st 2013. The Act seeks to regulate several aspects of occupational health and safety in Barbados. We have recognized in examining occupational health in the workplace that the focus is often limited to on the job injury, however it has been proven that wellness affects employee and company performance more drastically than any other factors.

Sedentary and unbalanced lifestyles not only encourage predisposition to NCD's (Non Communicable Diseases) but directly affects an employer's bottom line. This condition also presents an unsustainable strain on our local governments' health bill, and can present itself as increased health insurance premiums. From the perspective of organizations such as yours the effects are evident and can very often be linked to high rates of absenteeism and low productivity due to lethargy among other factors.

The Coverley Medical Centre therefore offers solutions and services to assist companies with their Wellness programmes and through a collaborative effort we formulate packages to suit your organization's needs, goals and resources with a view of lessening the overall negative impact of NCD's and occupational diseases.

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